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How to Create:  The Nymph Look by Kevin Murphy.

::  Prep the hair by applying Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY from the roots to the ends.
::  Separate the hair by using a diagonal parting from just under the crown to behind the ear. 
::  Smooth the back section down and secure the hair into a ponytail at the nape using linen thread and a needle.
::  Separate the ponytail in two and while twisting each section twist into a rope.
::  Continue twisting until the hair twists on itself and creates a knot.
::  Secure the knot to the nape using needle and thread.
::  Separate the front section in two by creating a side part.
::  Using a medium size curling iron take small sections of the hair and ribbon hair around the curling iron leaving the ends out.
::  Curl both front sections.
::  Loosely French braid each front section section around the hairline.
::  Secure by using a needle and thread to sew the hair in place.
::  As you are sewing pull some of the sections of the hair out to loosen and create a wispy braid.
::  Secure the ends of the braid around the knot at the back with needle and thread.
::  Finish with Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT SPRAY.

[photos from Kevin Murphy]

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